Illustrated by Amanda Baros


  Sometimes I cannot sleep. I maintain it is due to too much caffeine from the coffee. But when you explain to people you’ve only had two cups of the stuff at noon, they just look at you like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Yep, that’s me, Crazy-Two-Cups-Owl-Eyes!

               When this happens, I lie in my bed at 11:35 and think about getting up early to get stuff done before work. Home office does weird things like that to you.

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Puppet Master

The last penny dropped into the hat, the curious little boy with the big brown eyes was dragged away by his mother, and the first raindrops began to fall. Another day done. An old man shuffled away throwing one last glance over his shoulder. Did he see it, did he know our secret?

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Back in Time

We walked along the streets that night for lack of anything better to do. Boredom is a funny thing. We didn’t even realise how bored we really were until my phone battery died. For the first time in years I hadn’t brought a charger with me while my friend sat idly in his chair, messaging frisky girls on a dating app.

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In a society that is laid out for technology and nothing else, there is only little room for humanity. The weight of metals and the buzz of electricity crushes the human flesh, yet a few people manage to survive in the techno-age.
They keep to the swamplands, where technology logically cannot follow, due to rust issues and electric shortages – a wonderful natural deterrent.
The group that lives there has kept a low profile for decades, waiting for the day the robots believe to have finally and definitely eradicated the human foe, which is ironic because humans have never actively sought God out in order to exterminate him.

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White Room

I open my eyes and am blinded by white light. It takes me a minute before I am able to open them fully. That’s when I realize there is no light, there is only white. Not the kind of white that I expected, either. I thought it would be more clinical somehow, but instead I’m surrounded by white furnishings, white walls, white floor, just…white everything.

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Secret Sect

     The secret sect met every second Tuesday, three nights after the third full moon of the quarter year. The rules on where and when they met were always a little hazy, so they agreed to walk past each other outside the local Tesco, and should they all happen to do so at exactly three bells past the first chime of the bell-tower, they’d convene at the usual meeting point.

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A Long Ago Dream

               Silence awoke Alfred in the early morning hours. He lay stock still in his bed, listening to the silence beyond his wife’s calm breathing. When he was sure he was truly awake and not dreaming he went over to where his dear wife lay in her own bed to wake her. He stroked her naked skin, following the pattern of her tattoo and quietly said in almost a whisper, “Come now, Mildred, it is finally finished. The invasion is over! We can go outside once again!”
               Immediately she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed and rubbed her eyes. Groggily she asked, “Am I dreaming? Could it really be?”

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